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Instagram (IG) Likes Going Away – How to adapt as a Brand, an Influencer, or a Business Account

Image of IG Like - heart -png file
Image of IG Like - heart -png file

So, by now you’ve probably heard that Instagram’s (IG) “LIKES” are starting to go away. Initially announced about 6 weeks ago by CEO of IG -Adam Mosseri, we are already seeing some accounts getting impacted within the last two weeks. If your page hasn’t switched over yet, it will soon enough.

For starters, why are IG “Likes” are going away?

3 Ways To Getting Rid Of Your Cameltoe



Let’s face it ladies, NO ONE likes to see your camel toe while you’re exercising, or better yet… while you’re wearing anything else. I know this is a super un-sexy topic to discuss, but I have some effective solutions that really work. I PROMISE! And this is why you will never see me caught up in any sort of a “cameltoe” situation. 🙂

5 Tips to Slimmer Legs

Slimming down legs

Slimmer Legs… We all want them, but achieving this look often comes with some effort you gotta be willing to put in on the daily (in and outside of the gym). Personally, I’ve dealt with having to slim down my legs a couple times in the past mainly because working out a lot has caused me to have bigger legs. And since I didn’t like that bulkier look on myself I not only figured out ways to slim down my legs but also ways to maintain this look. So in writing about how I keep my legs slim, I had to think hard in tracing all my steps because my success in achieving this look didn’t only come from training at the gym, but rather the Lifestyle habits I had to adapt to outside the gym.  I’ll briefly cover both ways to make sure everything is on the table (in no particular order).

5 Subtle Lifestyle Changes To Make For An Impactful 2018


How close are we to starting a fresh year? 2017 is literally ending in 5 days!!! And I feel like reading about setting new year resolutions everywhere is getting kind of old for most us. I am not here to advise about that, but I wanted to share some changes that I have made in my life within the last year that are super subtle to make and will literally make an improvement on your mind, body and soul throughout 2018.

Back To Blogging :)


Hey guys!!! Some of you have been asking my blogs lately. It’s been quiet some time since I’ve had a chance to post here because I have been super tied-up with producing more fitness content outside of the blog.  Concurrently, I’ve been trying different channels of social media platforms to deliver fitness content instead of the blog to see what works best.

What You Should Know Before Your Next Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing
Forward Helix Piercing

Hey guys. So I finally built up the strength and courage to get the piercings I’ve been wanting for some time now, and wanted to share the experience for those of you interested in getting piercings. I’ve been visualizing two additional piercings in an area of my ear referred to as “Forward Helix”, which is the area right above the tragus.  I’ve already had one helix piercing for about two years now, and I wanted to turn in into a line of three piercings. To be honest my experience with the first piercing in that area was so torturous that I just couldn’t imagine going through that pain again. AND… after backing away from the pain anticipation for months I decided that I was just gonna get it done at the cost of pain.

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