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5 Subtle Lifestyle Changes To Make For An Impactful 2018

How close are we to starting a fresh year? 2017 is literally ending in 5 days!!! And I feel like reading about setting new year resolutions everywhere is getting kind of old for most us. I am not here to advise about that, but I wanted to share some changes that I have made in my life within the last year that are super subtle to make and will literally make an improvement on your mind, body and soul throughout 2018.

1. Use Essential Oils

Doterra Essential Oils

Start investing into some essential oils. It doesn’t really matter what brand you get it but essential oils are healthy for you in so many ways. For one, they’re natural, chemical-free alternatives to everything from traditional cosmetics to fragrances. Although many can do a lot more than just smell good.  I’ve been using oils from “Doterra” for a couple years now and have seen so much benefits overtime. Like “Peppermint” oil can be used to freshen breath, soothe nausea, help stop itching, and cool overworked muscles. Add drops of “Peppermint” oil to a bowl of hot water and breathe in the steam to fight congestion, or rub diluted oil into sore muscles. I rub a few drops of “Lavender” oil in my hands at nights and inhale three deep breaths by holding my palms together when going to bed to help me relax and sleep better.  Use “Spicy Clove” oil to smooth hangover headaches, and try rubbing some “Geranium” oil on your tummy to smooth PMS cramps.

2. Keep A Daily Journal

The Five Minute Journal

Introduce yourself to a journal that you can jot down your goals on daily basis. Now, I am not talking about a diary that’s full of your deepest secrets. I’ve never been big fan of diaries, but a journal is much more simpler. I’ve been using a journal every morning for the past 4 months and it has made a difference in my life. It’s sort of like setting your intentions for the day and listing affirmations. Ever since I’ve been using a journal I am noticing that at the end of each day I actually complete all my intentions that I had set that morning. I’ve become more reflective and productive. The journal that I swear by is called “The Five Minute Journal” and it’s great because you literally spend five minutes or less in the mornings and then retouch on it at nights.

3. Eat Out Less

My body has been going through some great transformations all because I’ve been eating out less lately. Eating at home puts you in control of the exact ingredients and portions that you consume. Being super focused on some personal goals lately hasn’t left me much time to be socially active, so I haven’t been going out much for the past few months. However; I have noticed that my body has become more lean and shredded during this time. It took me a while to understand that this transformation is happening because I cook a lot more than I eat out. Although my eating out was never really unhealthy or at fast food restaurants, eating at home more often simply means healthier meals, and less alcohol/dessert consumption.

4. Practice Meditation

Yes, meditation is super trendy nowadays! Why shouldn’t it be if it helps balance out your life? I can not stress what a big difference meditation has been making for me lately. I have been very consistent with it in the last few months and it has really helped me cope through all the difficult situations/people I’ve had to deal with. I am more calm overall, and can handle situations much differently than I used to before practicing meditation.

If you’re a  beginner, I would recommend finding guided meditation sessions on YouTube by searching: “Morning Meditation”.  There are many great free sessions that are about 10 minutes long. It’s best to practice early in the morning while everyone is asleep and before you do anything else. If there is noise because there are family members around just use headphones, and isolate yourself in space that doesn’t have lots of distractions while practicing.

5. Add A Physical Activity At Least Once A Week

Jumping Rope

Yes, you’ve heard this before, but you have to add a physical activity to your life at least once a week. Now, it you don’t already work out then this is a great start to breaking a sweat and getting your heartbeat elevated. It will keep you active, and encourage you to wanna do more. For someone who already works out regularly, I still take a group session that involves high intensity cardio sessions at least once a week. It makes all the difference for my body. I hate doing cardio workouts on my own so I take groups sessions such as “Total Body Attack” or “Martial-Arts/Kickboxing” classes. It also tremendously helps out with relieving stress/anger. You can also jump rope on your own, ride a bicycle, or a join a dance class. Just commit to something active that’s at least an hour long once a week.

So… While these might seem like some really small changes you’ll be making in the new year, I am pretty sure you’ll see BIG changes in your lifestyle if you practice these changes CONSISTENTLY! If you can only choose one of these please get the journal. I promise you it will make a difference in your life! Please comment below if you found any of these useful!

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