Slimmer Legs… We all want them, but achieving this look often comes with some effort you gotta be willing to put in on the daily (in and outside of the gym). Personally, I’ve dealt with having to slim down my legs a couple times in the past mainly because working out a lot has caused me to have bigger legs. And since I didn’t like that bulkier look on myself I not only figured out ways to slim down my legs but also ways to maintain this look. So in writing about how I keep my legs slim, I had to think hard in tracing all my steps because my success in achieving this look didn’t only come from training at the gym, but rather the Lifestyle habits I had to adapt to outside the gym.  I’ll briefly cover both ways to make sure everything is on the table (in no particular order).

Walk Your Way to Slimmer Legs

I do a lot of walking, but it’s not just the normal amounts of walks we do as part of our daily commute to/from destinations. It’s additional walks that I do in between that make the difference for me. I choose to go walking outside on my two breaks during my corporate workday. I walk around the block of the neighborhood I work in, and this usually takes 10-15 minutes per break (A total of 30 minutes a day). It may not sound like a big move but repeated five times a week makes it a total of 2.5 hours a week that I walk additionally. It’s actually quiet an enjoyable way to come in touch with nature through all the beautiful landscape of the neighborhood (Lots of colorful roses). Oh, and did I mention I also get a nice tan while at it?!

Park Your Car Farther Away

I usually park my car farther than I have to when it comes to any sort of parking lot situation. Yup… I am not that girl who’s going to fight for the closest parking space at the mall, primarily because I don’t mind walking a little extra distance. It may seem like a small step but when repeated often it adds walks to your day and causes movement in your legs.

Wear Heels (Comfy pairs)

I am usually wearing heels pretty much anywhere I go (outside of fitness training of course!). Walking around in heels doesn’t actually help slim your legs, but does makes legs “appear” thinner. Heels also make you look taller which is always an advantage. I am only 5’6″ but because I am usually wearing heels people actually think I am taller than I really am. Now, I know wearing heels may seem super uncomfortable compared to wearing flats, but I usually find cute booties/platforms or chunky heels that work out just fine.  I would never wear uncomfortable shoes all day, so it’s all about finding comfortable shoes that make you look taller.

Watch Your Diet To Help Slim Legs

A healthier diet has a lot do do with slimmer legs. I know we tend to see weight gain on other parts of body first but it absolutely effects legs at the same time. It’s just takes us longer to notice the changes on legs. Mainly because legs are a larger masses of body part when it comes to the fat distribution process as compared to stomach, or glutes per say. I notice cellulite start to appear in the back of my thighs when I start to eat more/unhealthy during holidays or when I am in gains mode. So I naturally panic, but when I change back to a healthier diet again the cellulite starts to get less apparent. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that cellulite never completely disappears off my body  but I am okay with a little bit of a cellulite here and there. I’ve learned ways of covering that too, I TAN MORE! 😉

Practice Correct Workout Routines (to avoid bulkier legs)

Lastly, when it comes to training your legs at the gym… There are two main factors that contribute to achieving more of a slimming effect rather bulking effect.

First and most important, we need to be doing lots of cardio that involves high intensity movement within the legs. This is can be achieved through running on treadmill, natural jogging/running, or any type of sport/activity that involves high friction of repeated leg movements at least 3-4 times a week (30-60minute sessions).

Secondly, the best advise I have against bulking up when it comes to weight training exercises is to do higher amount of repetitions per exercise with lower weight loads. Now, the weight should be heavy enough that you feel it working/burning; but don’t let the weights be your primary focus on legs. Training with lighter weights and doing a higher amount of reps is key in getting legs toned rather than building muscle.

An example would be, doing 3sets of 12-15reps of lighter weights on a Leg workout machine rather than 3sets of 8-10reps with heavier load of weights.

In closing, I would like to mention that we’re not all gonna see the same results by following the same regimes as me. Neither is there anything wrong with bigger and bulkier legs. I can appreciate every type of body type out there because that’s what makes us unique and beautiful. I am mainly sharing these tips because people approach me about the techniques that I use, so hopefully you find these tips helpful. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I’m going on vacation soon so these are definitely tips I need to follow. 😛 I like the idea of parking further.
    It saves gas and slims the legs at the same time!

    • Thank you so much Pooja! I appreciate your compliment and stopping by to check out the blog. And when it comes to legs or any other part of the body, I say work your way to change what you don’t like about it. I used to hate my legs at some point but through consistent training got it to a place I love. Let me know if I can help any further with assisting you.

  2. Hi Adrina, my body estructure is to have thick legs but I dont mind, I love them to be strong but with mobility, I find your tips totally doable and effective, the one about walk more is great.


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