It’s finally the New Year and I took some time to a set resolutions on the first weekend after the New Year. This year I spend the first Sunday of 2016 to focus on some of my goals. Through past mentorship I’ve learned that writing down my goals works much better as opposed to just planning it in my head.  It’s also important to specify specific dates that you will accomplish some of your goals because not only do you have a date to target, but you periodically can check to see how close/far you are to achieving your goal. Thought it may be helpful to share what works best for me when it comes to setting and achieving my goals and dreams.

When deciding to set goals it’s important to choose a peaceful location like a quiet park, or the beach, or home with no distractions (TV, Computer, Phone) and just let your mind wander, and think about what makes you most happy. It’s important to dream of places you want to be,  careers/professions you may want to pursue, cars you may want to drive, new business you may want to start, self-image changes (body, skin, hair, bad-habits), or anything else that puts a smile to your face. That’s how you know you’ve reached a dream… It’s when you think about something and it makes you happy. It’s the one thought or idea your mind goes to when you let if be free.

I’ve reached several of my dreams within the last few years but only when I got really serious about it, wrote it down, drew an agenda, and then followed through. It also means becoming very uncomfortable at certain times and stepping out of your comfort zone. Anything new you try you are going to be judged for, but what’s IMPORTANT is the prize you’re after is much bigger than others’ opinions. Because once you reach that Goal and Dream… the last thing on your mind will be how you were judged by others while trying to get there.  Even reaching the smallest results encourage you to work on more. So it’s important to set small and achievable goals in your plan as well as big ones.

Once you actually write down your goals/dreams, you need specify a realistic date you want to accomplish your goal (days, months, years), the cost involved (very important), how you will come up with the cost involved (saving, borrowing, partnering), and most importantly set your MIND on accomplishing it. Sometimes it’s helpful to inform your close friends or family about your goals because once you talk about something publicly then it becomes very hard to back down, so there’s a higher chance of you achieving it. Spend some time mentally preparing yourself on how important this is and that you can’t and wont fail. Be well prepared to get judged, discouraged, and even be told that you wont be able to accomplish.  Then get out there and make it happen.

Will you fail at times? YES…. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you planned and not all ideas and goals succeed.  However, every time I’ve had failures with my ideas/goals; I have learned sooo much from working on it along the way that I have become much wiser through my experience. Learned how to do stuff that I never knew before which has helped me accomplish my next goals with more knowledge and expertise.  The one thing I never did though… is GIVE UP on my dreams and goals when I stumbled upon failures.  I learned to depend on myself and make stuff happen and because I NEVER gave up… I was able to accomplish dreams/goals such as (creating my own brand, opening my own blog (business partner helped), reaching my ideal fitness goals, driving the car I always wanted (convertible 🙂 ), getting my own place, treating my mother to an amazing vacation (along with my sister),  becoming more knowledgeable within my career, and much more.

Hope my experiences help, and feel free to comment or e-mail with questions! 🙂

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  1. Great article! Writing down my goals has definitely helped me reach some of them and you’re right not all of them succeeded but every one of them had taught me something and helped me reach my next goal. The key is to keep moving forward and never give up. Small steps towards your dream is better then no steps! Thank you!

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