Love working out in shorts to keep myself cool but sometimes it’s hard to find one that looks good and also covers well. I practically live in the “Speed Shorts” by Lululemon (love the fit), but I recently decided to try the “2-IN-1 Shorts” by Nike to find out if it’s more comfortable.

They both have similar designs but this particular Nike style comes with attached tights underneath which makes it really comfortable to stretch in or do other workout moves.  The tights run a little longer than the shorts on top of it so you’re well covered in every angle you turn. The color variations between the two layers are eye-catching as well. Although I’ve noticed that usually when I wear short tights, the length and compression of the spandex/fabric makes my thighs  appear bigger than they actually are. So that’s something to consider in wearing short tights.

Overall, I feel pretty comfortable wearing these as gym-shorts but if I have to choose a style based on the appearance of the fit then Lululemon still wins my heart. <3


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