Summer seems to be approaching to an end and during the next six months working out becomes less motivating for most of us, and a lot of people sort of stop exercising completely.  We do this because during the cold season we wear a lot more layers so we can easily hide the areas we don’t like, but more importantly we feel that we have a long time until next summer approaches, and will focus again next year.

Speaking for someone who has been working out non-stop for at least 4 years now, and I have to admit that I also have days that I don’t feel motivated and don’t want to exercise. There are days I try to talk myself out of exercising by finding all kinds of excuses not to go.  I’ve also noticed that when I skip more than 2-3 consecutive days in a row the pain of going back intensifies by the minute.  So I have learned to not skip more than two days at a time and to never not go for more than five days in a row. That’s usually when most just fall off the wagon.  So I’ve come up with several ways to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like going. And this is not just for the cold season either… it can work anytime.

No one is Coming To No One Is Coming to Save You. This Life of Yours Is 100% your Responsibility

No One Is Coming To Save you.  This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.  Just remember!!! If you don’t do it no one else is going to help you. This isn’t one of those chores that mom or hubby does for you. If you miss out… well it’s just gonna pile up.

  1. Try to hit the gym right after work, class, etc. without going home first. I usually have my gym bag in my car so I hit the gym right after work to avoid stepping home first. If you end up going home first you will most likely talk yourself out of going.
  2. Look into taking an exercise class at least once a week.  Every gym has scheduled classes and they have so much variety.  Deciding and scheduling to take one class a week will motivate you to get there on time and will also ensure you don’t plan anything else for that time being.  I love taking classes because there is always something new to learn or  to help change my routine and challenge my muscles.
  3. Remind yourself that this is your only time to fully focus on yourself. Of all the different roles we take throughout our days… this is the 1-2 hours where you’ll focus on working on yourself. You have the chance to clear your thoughts, work on improving your body, release stress, and obtain overall clarity. Think of it as charging yourself for next 24 hours.
  4. Besides exercising you’re also about to clear up your skin naturally by sweating and getting rid of the toxins… Shall I say more about this one!?
  5. Plan to go with a friend at least 1-2 times a week. I personally focus better when I exercise alone but I have noticed that scheduling ahead of time with a friend gives me a reason to look forward to going to the gym. On top of that you’re less likely to cancel on your friend when you’ve given them your word so you end up going even if you don’t feel like it.
  6. If you’re already home and don’t feel like going change into your workout attire anyways.  Changing is usually the hardest part. Trust me, once you have your workout gear on you will feel more motivated to actually go, and will definitely hate yourself for changing back without actually working out.
  7. Once in a while change your regular routine time/location. This one may be a tough one for some because  I know a lot of people love their comfort zone and hate changes. BUT… it’s easy to get bored/tired of your same gym and the same exact faces you see every single time you’re working out. It can become repetitive and discouraging. Change your daily routine sometimes by going during your lunch break, early morning, or later in the evening, or even location of your fitness club.
  8. To see summer-body results you should exercise during winter. We all know that you can’t get in your ideal shape in one or two months right before summer. Remember, you gain excess weight on the months you decide to take off so hitting the gym again right before summer only means you’ll need a few additional months to get back to where you were. The  best results are reached when you’re consistent all year long and also practice a healthy nutritious diet.
  9. Not working out is going to make it easier to eat unhealthy. When you spend an hour per day exercising you watch what you eat. Trust me, you hate to ruin the results by reaching for that slice of pizza so you make healthier choice to support your hard-earned body. So remind yourself that when you skip you’ll be more likely to reach out for junk food.
  10. Putting an effort to go means that you open up room to actually eat some of your favorite food without feeling guilty. Yes! I workout a lot, and I usually stick to a healthy diet but I think the best part of working out is being able to eat what I want when I actually crave it.

I think the days we have the best workouts are the days that we avoided going to the gym the most. But nothing comes close to the feeling of walking out of there and knowing I am done. As I walk out on those days I feel my mood on a different level, my skin glows it’s brightest, my mind feels clearer, my body looks sexier, and it’s the best natural high I  get while doing something great for myself.

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