Do you need a boost of energy when it comes to working out? I personally try not to take any supplements for energy because I don’t want my body relying on supplements. For the most part I have wonderful workout sessions on my own, but every once in a while I do take pre-workout drinks for energy (2-3 times a month). Occasionally during evening sessions is when I may turn to pre-workouts. I usually carry one main jar in my gym-bag, but lately I tried a few different brands to see if there is something better. I am sharing my thoughts about the popular brands that I tried below:

‘C4 PRE-WORKOUT’ by Cellucor  (Icy Blue Razz flavor – $30/can)

Energy level – Moderate to Strong boost

‘C4 Pre-Workout’ is my regular preference in energy boosters and comes in a powder form. One jar will usually last you 1-2 months depending on how much you consume. I usually mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water right when I get to the gym (before changing). By the time I am ready to start working out it kicks in. I love this pre-workout because it literally makes you want to do every single hard exercise that you normally don’t look forward too. The boost lasts about an hour or so and hasn’t given me any weird after effects yet.

‘C4 PRE-WORKOUT’ by Cellucor ( Icy Blue Razz flavor)
‘C4 PRE-WORKOUT’ by Cellucor ( Icy Blue Razz flavor)

‘BOLT Organic Energy Chews’ – PROBAR   (Berry Blast flavor -$3/pack)

Energy level – Light boost

These chewables are actually kind of delightful and fun. Although that’s not what their intended for. HAHA! Tried these guys twice already and I ate them as soon as I got to the gym, right before I changed into my workout clothes.  They tend to give you a little bit of a boost. They are not going to make you jump across the bars but  definitely a little better than not taking anything.  What I love about them is that unlike a big bottle/can of liquid pre-workout drink, you will have a flatter tummy after consuming these.

PROBAR - BOLT Organic Energy Chews (Berry Blast Flavor)
PROBAR – BOLT Organic Energy Chews (Berry Blast

‘CELSIUS’ – (Green Tea -Raspberry Acai flavor -$4/can)

Energy level – Light boost

I’ve had this drink many times before and it’s one that gives a nice, light boost in energy. CELSIUS claims to be clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories/body fat, while providing a healthy boost of energy. While I can’t validate any of the body fat/calorie burning part of this drink, I can validate that it tastes great, and gives you a nice boost in energy.  It doesn’t have that weird energy drink feeling at all. It kicks in withing about 20 minutes and the “Green Teat” flavor tastes very fresh.

‘SPEED-SHOT’ by A.B.B (Watermelon flavor – $6/bottle)

Energy level – Very Strong boost

Thinking this is smaller in size (thinking it would keep my tummy flatter) than other canned energy drinks, I drank a bottle of this right before my workout right around 7pm.  The ‘watermelon’ flavor tasted amazing because it was light in flavor, sour, and cold. Within a very short amount of minutes this totally kicked in, and I don’t mean that in a great energetic way. It totally got my hands super itchy and overall made me very jittery.  It actually got worst later that night when I was unable to sleep all night.  I can’t believe it kept me up all night, so saying Bye-bye to this one.

SPEED-SHOT by A.B.B (Watermelon flavor)
SPEED-SHOT by A.B.B (Watermelon flavor)

Alright guys! Again, I am not rooting for any sort of an energy booster as I feel that they can become addictive, and cause other internal damage. However; if you are going to turn to one every once in a while at least you will know which kind to avoid.  The prices I specified are if you pick it up straight from the gym counter, but I am sure you can buy them less expensive in bulk elsewhere. Oh, and never take other caffeinated drinks after consuming any of these drinks. Please comment your thoughts or let me know if you know any I should try.

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